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Hi I'm Zayh! I grew up with a father that embodied the "manly man".  Whenever mom called about something needing to be fixed, "Jack of All Trades, my dad came. No matter if it was gum, tape, a hammer or string, he would always say to me "Don't just stand there pass me that...".  Hearing that you should know things did NOT stay fixed at our house. From painter, plumber, mechanic, and electrician, our fixes changed over the years. Our need for parts has not. Staying true to our passion to help we continue to get involved, indulge, and partake!



Our goal is to make the work life of all trade workers and do it yourselfers a little bit easier.  As we grow, we will expand to other trades beyond automotive. Though we will still only be delivering smaller parts, it will make a big difference in time management, work completion and confidence.


We will continue becoming the biggest name for small part deliveries for trade workers and local do it yourselfers (DIY). Growing from state to state and covering the entire U.S., we will find more way to give back. Giving to other local businesses and children in each community as a local non-profit made it possible for us, Nora Rose, Thank you!

Glass Buildings
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